About Us

About Us

We are a French non-profit seeking to help organisations and clients worldwide prosper using Google Ad Grant by:

■ Development of Nonprofit vision and mission statement
■ Filing and registration of nonprofit associations (legal entity)
■ Content consultation for optimal reputation enhancement
■ Nonprofit website maintenance, content creation (including SEO) and Google Ad Grant compliance
■ Maximisation and maintenance of Ad Management for peak performance results

Our Mission

Badaboost Ad Grants is a French nonprofit that helps other nonprofits obtain and then manage Google Ad Grant ad accounts to do social good.

Our Values

Reach out
What is clear to one person may come a revelation to another. We think and question everything like children.

Get Assistance
Humans are empathetic beings. The ability to work together is what sets us apart from the animal kingdom. We encourage breaking free from your own ego to be able to evolve.

Try, try again
You are right when you think you can or can not. When we think we are unable to do something, we admit the defeat … but only temporarily.

Enjoy the ride
We do so much better when we reduce the stress. Find joy even in the smallest victories and decrease your anxiety.

Guaranteed & fast nonprofit creation
As a French startup we are able to create nonprofits in days, compared to months for U.S. charities.
100% Ad Grant approval record
In fact, if you don't get your ad grant within 21 business days of paying your deposit, you get your money back.
Acquire clients & your conversion goals using your ad grant
Acquire FREE clients - forever - as the grant covers your marketing efforts in perpetuity.
Become a thought leader
Stand out in your marketplace as a researcher, innovator & educator. Amplify your reputation in your industry and reap the rewards of a huge audience.
Leverage your data
Leverage the data you collect to create better content, marketing & solutions.
Expert Ad Grant Campaign Management
Ad Grant ad accounts are hard, but with 15 years experience we guarantee rapid email list building & lead generation.
Understand your customers
Understand your customers better than your competitors - that's the key to success.
Test ad campaign ideas
Use your $10,000 monthly ad spend to test any new offers and spend less on paid accounts.


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